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pet portraits

From time to time I am commissioned to paint a pet portrait. I prefer to concentrate on closeups of the faces in order to capture and focus on the personality completely. Sometimes, I will play with colors a bit to create a more dramatic effect in the painting. I work from high resolution photos of the faces. Here are a few examples of the original photos on the left, followed by the final paintings on the right.

If you wish to discuss a possible painting project of your pet, I will be happy to take a look at any photos and give a quote. Here is a general estimation of what I have charged in the past for certain paintings, based on size. Sometimes pricing can vary, depending on exactly what the client wants, but these prices will give you a pretty good idea of the ballpark cost. Shipping will be extra.

Size                      Estimated Price

20"x16"                    $300

24"x36"                   $500

36"x36"                   $700

36"x48"                   $1200

48"x60"                   $2700

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